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The Most Valuable Business Brands in Sports|2014

By: Forbes
The Forbes Fab 40 consist of the 10 most valuable sports brands in four categories. Business brands, event brands, team brands and athlete brands. This ranking consist of the Top 10 Most Valuable Business Brands in Sports.
Category:Brand Value
Ranking Type:positive

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By Marco Casanova


The ranking results are taken seriously by key stakeholders in the US sports business. There is no empirical evidence that the published monetary value of a brand and the overall business performance of the respective brands in sports have a statistically relevant correlation with each other.

About Marco Casanova

Marco Casanova is Founder & Managing Partner of the Branding-Institute since 2002. He serves in various Executive Boards and is consulting as strategic advisor various global large-scale and mid-sized enterprises of multiple industries as well as international organizations, associations and countries and their governmental institutions in brand and reputation guided stakeholder management. He holds a vast global network into various opinion leader circles through his political, economic and scientific activities.