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World's Most Admired Companies|2015

By: Fortune
Fortune and survey partner Hey Group established the World's Most Admired Companies ranking. To arrive at the top 50, 4,170 executives, directors and securities analysts were asked to select 10 companies they admired the most. Anyone could vote for any company in any industry.
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By Marco Casanova


Compared to the 2014 results there are only minor changes in the Top 4 of the ranking. Apple can again defend its title as “Most Admired Company” followed by Google (rank three 2014), Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (rank four in 2014) and Amazon (rank two in 2014). As in previous years, the ranking is dominated by US companies. The highest-ranking non-US company is the German car manufacturer BMW ranked No. 15.

About Marco Casanova

Marco Casanova is Founder & Managing Partner of the Branding-Institute since 2002. He serves in various Executive Boards and is consulting as strategic advisor various global large-scale and mid-sized enterprises of multiple industries as well as international organizations, associations and countries and their governmental institutions in brand and reputation guided stakeholder management. He holds a vast global network into various opinion leader circles through his political, economic and scientific activities.